Flag of Ajaccio
Flag of Ajaccio
Ajaccio location
Ajaccio's location
Nation Corsica, France[1]
Area 82.03 km2
Population 63,700
Places of interest House of Napoleon I[1]

Ajaccio is the capital of the department and island of Corsica, on its southwest coast, on a tongue of land projecting into the Gulf of Ajaccio. It is sheltered by mountains from the north and east winds; and the town and bay are defended by a citadel. The entrance into the harbor is rendered unsafe by projecting rocks.[1]

Ajaccio is the birthplace of Napoleon I, and both his father, Carlo Buonaparte and his mother, Letizia Ramolino; the house in which he was born is still in a state of good preservation and has become the property of the nation. It is the handsomest city of Corsica and the seat of a bishop. It contains a cathedral, a communal college, a public library, a botanical garden, etc. In the commercial world it is famous for its coral and sardine fisheries, and it has also a trade in wine, grain, olive-oil and fruits.[1]


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