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Carlo Buonaparte
Carlo Buonaparte's portrait
Gender Male[1]
Birth 29 March 1746, Ajaccio, Corsica[1]
Death 24 February 1785, Montpellier, France[1]
Nationality Both
Spouse Letizia Ramolino[1]
Father Giuseppe Buonaparte[2]
Mother  ?
Burial St. Leu, near Paris[3]
Religion Roman Catholic

Carlo Maria Buonaparte was the father of Napoleon I, and was a prominent Italian-Corsican lawyer and politician under Pasquale Paoli's regime.



Letizia Ramolino, his wife

Carlo was born on 29 March 1746 in Ajaccio, Corsica.[1] His father was Giuseppe Buonaparte.[2] He was carefully educated and studied law at University of Pisa. Soon after his return, he married, without the consent of his relatives, to Letizia Ramolino, a patrician, in 1764.[4] He fought under Pasquale Paoli for the independence of Corsica, but resistance to the French was proving useless until he went over to their side. In 1771, when King Louis XV selected 400 Corsican families to be considered noble, the Bonaparte family, and consequently Carlo, was among the number.[1]

He was, in 1773, named royal councillor and assessor for the town and province of Ajaccio. As a member of the deputation of Corsican nobles sent to the court of France in 1777, he resided several years at Paris and was fortunate enough to secure a free admission for his eldest son, Joseph, to the seminary at Autun Cathedral, and another for his second son, Napoleon, to the military school of Brienne, and a third for his daughter, Maria Anna, to the educational institution at École de Saint-Cyr. Carlo made many dicey business ventures during his life, leading his family into some misfortune and discomfort, though later his son Napoleon would take care of his family as Emperor.[4] He returned to Corsica in 1779, and afterward went to Montpellier for the benefit of his health, but did not recover. He died on 29 February 1785.[1]


By his marriage with Letizia Ramolino, Carlo produced eight children who lived to see their adulthood.[1]


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