Napoleon: The Last Campaigns, 1813-15
Napoleon The Last Campaigns 1813-15
Napoleon: The Last Campaigns, 1813-15 cover
Author(s) James Lawford and Peter Young
Language English
Genre Nonfiction
Publisher Crown Publishers
Publication date 1977
ISBN 0517526344

Napoleon: The Last Campaigns, 1813-15 is a book by James Lawford and Peter Young.


No general has seized the Western mind as Napoleon Bonaparte. This book studies the ailing giant in his war of survival after the disastrous Russian campaign of 1812. In military terms there were no more glorious years than those from the spring of 1813 until June 1815, and James Lawford's account is the first single volume, fully illustrated study of that period.

The armies that held the stage were vast, no more so than at Leipzig, the Battle of the Nations, where half a million men were mustered for the fight.

The story is told in three parts:

  1. 1813 - The struggle for Germany
  1. 1814 - The French Campaign
  1. 1815 - The Hundred Days

Superb new maps and diagrams chart the strategic moves of Napoleon and the Allies, and show how they faced one another in a succession of fearsome encounters at Lutzen, Dresden, Leipzig, Brienne, Montmirail, Ligny, Quatre Bras, and finally Waterloo.

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