Napoleon -Vincent Cronin
Napoleon cover
Author(s) Vincent Cronin
Language English
Genre Biography
Publisher HarperCollins
Publication date 1995
ISBN 0006375219

Napoleon is a biography by author Vincent Cronin of the life of Napoleon Bonaparte.


Cronin said, "I wanted to find a Napoleon I could picture as a living, breathing man." This objective is superbly realised in Vincent Cronin's fascinating and beautifully written portrait.


"As an explanation of the past in personal terms, this is probably the best life of Napoleon we have." - Economist.

"Mr Cronin is not only very calm and cool, he is lucid, writes plainly and well, and organizes his huge amount of raw material capably." - Sunday Telegraph

"His book must be pressed upon tthe general reader: It is so lively and well written... absorbing throughout." - Sunday Times

"To present Napoleon plausibly as the classical hero of his own imagining takes nerve, originality, prodigious powers of research and a true historical imagination. Vincent Cronin displays all these qualities." - Michael Foot

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