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The Napoleon Bonaparte Wiki is an open source encyclopedia devoted to the life of one of the greatest military commanders of all time, Napoleon Bonaparte.


See all pages for a list of content in alphabetical and numerical order. See the content category for a more organized list of the content available on the Wiki. The content is mainly written by the community, although some of the larger articles, such as Napoleon I and Horatio Nelson began as text from public domain sources such as Encyclopedia Americana. The site attempts to cover everything about Napoleon I, including his personal life, his military career, and his French regime.


Although the site is owned by the independent wiki-hosting service Wikia, Inc., the site is maintained by the Napoleon Bonaparte Wiki community. Anyone can create and edit articles. However, only users with Administrator rights can delete or protect pages from editing. Bureaucrats can alter a user's rights to make them an administrator, or give them rollback powers.

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Right now, the Wiki is still getting started! Sign up and get started editing. Please see here or here to view the rules and guidelines you must follow when editing the wiki. See the Community Portal on tips on editing and things you can do to help.

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