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Featured topic is a system on the Napoleon Bonaparte Wiki to highlight the best topics on the site. Featured topics must include at least five articles that are of good quality, not necessarily featured articles. Please see the featured topic nomination page.


A featured topic exemplifies a series of great articles on the site, to provide an accurate outlook on a whole subject, not one article. Each of the topics must meet certain criterion.
The articles in the featured topic must be:

  1. Well-written. The article must have a professional prose, but still be engaging to the reader.
  2. Comprehensive. Although hard for major topics such as Napoleon, the article must cover all major aspects (and relevant minor aspects) of the subject.
  3. Neutral. The article must follow the neutral point of view policy by maintaining an unbiased standpoint on the subject.
  4. Quality. The article must follow the Manual of Style.
  5. Sourced. The article must be sourced and verifiable, except for obvious conclusions.
  6. Pictured. The article must have relevant and sourced images uploaded and placed accordingly.


  1. Use {{Topic nominated}} on each of the articles when you nominate it.
  2. Use {{Topic failed}} on each of the article's talk page if it fails nomination.
  3. Use {{Topic featured}} on each of the the article's talk page if it passes nomination.

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There are no Featured topics at the current time.

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