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When you upload an image, source it and place it in a relevant article following the guidelines below.

On the Napoleon Bonaparte Wiki, images are always useful and add to the content of an article to give the reader a visual representation of what they're reading.


Upload a picture if you are a registered user. Be sure that the image is free (such as in the public domain, etc.) and briefly describe the content of the picture. Be sure to also categorize the picture in the description.


Then, find the article(s) and add the image by typing [[File:Nameofpicture.fileextension]]. You can also specify how you would like the picture to be placed. For example, you would write [[File:Nameofpicture.fileextension|thumb|An image.]] to make the image a thumbnail with the "An image." caption.

You can also specify alignment, such as right, left, or center by typing [[File:Nameofpicture.fileextension|center/right/left|thumb|An image.]] You can also resize the image by typing how many pixels ("px") wide the image should be (the height will adjust proportionately): [[File:Nameofpicture.fileextension|250px|center|thumb|An image.]]

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