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Your userpage is for a description of you and for a personal sandbox, but it has to follow a few guidelines.

A normal userpage, displaying user tags, a description, and a to-do list.

Your userpage is your personal page on the site. You can use the page to describe yourself and your interest in Napoleon. You can also use the page as a to-do list or a sandbox. You can view your userpage here.


Userpages must follow certain guidelines.

  1. Your userpage is not a social networking profile. Don't place information you don't want anonymous people to know.
  2. Your userpage should not have any explicit content.
  3. Your userpage should not be extremely lengthy.
  4. If you are an administrator or a bureaucrat, your userpage must display the {{Useradmin}} or {{Userbureaucrat}} tags.
  5. If you have rollback rights, your userpage must include the {{Userrollback}} tag.

Non-Encyclopedic ImagesEdit

You are allowed three non-encyclopedic images (images that are not going to be placed in an article). You can use encyclopedic images on your userpage if you wish, provided they are fair use or public domain. Make sure any non-encyclopedic images are also licensed public domain or fair use.


Subpages are pages that branch off your userpage. They are separated by a forward slash ( / ).

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