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Any harmful edits to the wiki will not be tolerated and users who repeatedly attempt vandalism will be blocked by an administrator.

Vandalism is the deliberate attempt to lower the quality of the Napoleon Bonaparte Wiki. Vandalism will not be tolerated on this site; any user who vandalizes a page will be warned, and continual defiance of this policy will result in banning.

Finding vandalismEdit

Through recent changes, new pages, and new files, anyone can spot vandalism. Checking the history of an article is also a great way to spot vandalism. If you see vandalism, follow the guidelines below to revert it back and help make our site better.

Reverting vandalismEdit

Example vandalism

An example of vandalism.

There are three different ways to revert vandalism.

  1. Clicking the Undo link in an article undoes the last edit in a page. This is useful if a vandal has made one or two edits to a page.
  2. If you have rollback rights, you can click the Rollback link to roll the article back to the last user who edited.
  3. The last way is simply by editing out the vandalism.

If the whole page is vandalism, add {{Speedy}} to the article.

Consequences for vandalismEdit

If a user continually violates policy and vandalizes our wiki, the user is a candidate for banning.

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