Pasquale Paoli
A portrait of Paoli by Richard Cosway in 1798.
Gender Male
Birth 26 April 1725, Morosaglia, Corsica[1]
Death 5 February 1807, London, England[1]
Nationality Corsica[1]
Spouse None
Father Giacinto Paoli[2]
Mother  ?
Burial  ?
Religion  ?

Filippo Antonio Pasquale di Paoli was a famous Corsican patriot and revolutionary leader.


Early life Edit

He was born in Morosaglia, Corsica, on  26 April 1725. He was the second son of Giacinto Paoli, a prominent Corsican leader against the Genoese.[2] He was educated at the Jesuits College at Naples, Italy.[1]


In 1755, he was appointed captain-general by his countrymen, then struggling for their independence against Genoa. By his energetic efforts the government and military resources of the island were reformed, and he maintained a protracted and generally successful struggle with the Genoese. The latter, however, first made an agreement with France to garrison the places held by them in Corsica, and finally, in 1768, sold the island to France.[1]

After a brief struggle Paoli was obliged to yield, and fled to England. Here he remained 20 years, until the Revolution of 1789, when he was recalled by the National Assembly and made lieutenant-general of Corsica. Dissatisfaction with the extreme measures of the revolutionists in France soon led him to throw himself into the arms of England. In 1793 a British army was landed in Corsica, and through his influence the crown was offered to George III, in 1794. Paoli, however, did not obtain the government of the island and withdrew to England and was pensioned by the British government.[1] 


Paoli died near London, England, on 5 February 1807. His remains were removed to Corsica in 1889.[1] 


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